In the world at this  present time  of anguish and insecurity ,,, an enemy roams through hallways , corners and filtering through spaces with the primary imtent to firstly contaminate the poor who are in need of a plate of food..  From across Horizons ,,this Pandemics has brought Governments together to face a circumstantial enemy , the corona virus .  An Opponent that  is not resolved itself  to distinguish between social classes or political ideology, its only lesson is to kill..  Forgetting the dead corpses lying on the streets of New York and other cities  ,, The white supremacist president of the United States in.a gross act of cynicism has renewed his attacks on the government and people of Venezuela by sarcastically acting   against a legitimately elected head of state and proposing a transitionary government be imposed on an  independent and sovereign nation 

Two.years ago we described this scenario with these words on a continental platform, with.the following declaration .
“Today,Venezuela appears to be haunted by external enemies those internally displaced and stateless  subjected  to media and cyber wars using disinformation  and portraying  a distorted  economic and political reality orchestrated and presided over by the media moghuls of all continents ,,whose objectives would  be the implementation of the objectives of a resurged right and far right agenda that would occur through an indirect intervention by the US Southern command .   The opinions ,,,of the Nations that call themselves ,The pacific alliance  carry the  same reactionary force as  those of Central America and the defacto government of Brazil.  Upon failing to secure the ” Inter American democratic charter”  (see.   The Inter-American  Democratic Charter  was adopted on 11 September 2001 by a special session of the General Assembly of the  Organization of American States , held in Lima, Peru. It is an inter- American  instrument with the central aim of strengthening and upholding  democratic    institutions in the nations of  the Americas .) Promoted by the Ignoble Eunuch unnameable figure of Almagro..
We do not.doubt the military option will be  an objective promoted by  the puppets in the White House. The reciting of our words of solidarity show that our enemy has not slept and during insomnia is still looking to appropriate the oil wealth.of this nation even.if it is at the cost of bloodshed from this land ,, and still worse is the complacency  of governments complicitly.involved with drug trafficking such as the Colombian Government..  As Militants for the.rights of People of African descent on this continent , True to our aspirations of well being  and social.equality  for our illspoken ,repressed  communities annihilated by the shadow of racist and hungry states , we.will.not be found sitting in armchairs or sleeping in hammocks , We take a leap forward and proclaim  ,
Venezuela Is Not Alone !!?
The Afro Descendants will accompany til the end of this road for equality , social justice  and well being for the majority.
The People of North America  should wake and  repudiate the intent of war against a Fraternal Nation of Brotherhood and demand that Donald.Trump not let  his people die in the suburbs leaving them to the flies and sadnesses that follow      Undersigned

Por la Articulación Regional de Afrodescendientes de las Américas y el Caribe ARAAC:

Mónica Rey Gutiérrez CONAFRO (Bolivia)

Miguel Ángel Pereira y Romero Rodríguez MUNDO AFRO (Uruguay)

Oswaldo Bilbao Lobaton Movimiento Afroperuano Chavelilla (Perú)

Federico Pita DIAFAR (Argentina)

Aiden Salgado, Jimmy Riera PODER NEGRO (Colombia)

Efraín Viveros Filigrana Sección Afro del MCP (Colombia) DaríoSolano

Plataforma Afrodescendiente (República Dominicana)

Melquicede Blandon Mena y Carlos Rosero (PCN) Proceso Comunidades Negras Colombia).

Ivette Modestin Activista ARAAC (EEUU)

Agustín Lao Montes Investigador activista ARAAC (Puerto Rico)

Gilberto Leal Dirigente CONEN (Brasil)

James Early Institute for Policy Studies (EEUU)

John Sorillo ARAAC (Trinidad y Tobago)

Marcos Hernández Investigador Docente Universitario ARAAC (Mexico)

Jesús Chucho García, Freddy Blanco y Diógenes Díaz Movimiento Afrovenezolano Juan Ramon Lugo (Venezuela)

José Chala. Diputado Asamblea Nacional. ARAAC (Ecuador)

Lucia Molina Casa de la Cultura Indo-afro-Americana de Santa Fé (Argentina)

Roy Guevara Centro para el Desarrollo Comunal CEDECO (Honduras)

Juan Montaño Escritor, Escuela de Pensamiento Crítico “Juan García” (Ecuador)

Juliana Goes Araac Brasil-EEUU 

Jhoannes Rivas Mosquera Centro de Estudios e Investogaciones Sociales y Afrocolombianas CEISAAFROCOL Colombia

Damani Acquail Araac (EEUU)

Angela Jackson ARAAC (San Vicente y las Granadinas)

Justin Mbayin ARAAC ( Camerún-Guinea Ecuatorial)

Rafael Ortiz Araac (Puerto Rico) 

Andrew Seraus. Afro Krioyo  Korsou- Araac ( Curacao)
Rafael Ortiz Araac (Puerto Rico)
Damani Acquail Araac (EEUU)
Angela Jackson ARAAC (San Vicente y las Granadinas)
Justin Mbayin ARAAC ( Camerún-Guinea Ecuatorial)


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